Digital sustainability

Green up your factory & engage your climate champions

Digital sustainability

Reduce the CO2 emissions of your plant and facilities & meet your SDG goals

Digitalize utility spend management

  • Digital power meters: Connect digital power meters to facilities and production lines or equipment and monitor consumption with our powerful dashboarding capabilities. Easily set thresholds and get notified over SMS, email or in-app when anomalies are detected.
  • Digital flow meters: Don't limit monitoring to just electricity. With digital flow-meters, extend your cost-reduction activities to cover water, gas as well as waste-water recycling. Facterra is one solution to green up your shopfloor as well as your top floor.
  • Digital invoices: Store incoming electricity, water and gas invoices to reconcile contracts with actual energy consumption and billing. Our analytics functions enable you to estimate future utility expenditure.

Data-driven sustainability

  • Performance analytics: Use our extensive dashboarding capabilities to measure and optimise consumption as well as equipment behaviour across the entire facility. Facterra makes it easy to benchmark performance as well as to pinpoint the savings opportunities wherever they appear in your office, your HVAC and cooling area or in your manufacturing process.
  • Renewables: Connect your renewable sources to Facterra to accurately measure your renewables to fossil energy mix and measure the effectiveness of the solar panels that you have installed on the roof or in the parking lot.
  • Carbon footprint calculator: Facterra ensures that every mWh that you consume or save is automatically translated into carbon units so you know exactly where you stand in your plans to achieve net-zero.

Engage your climate champions & share your success story

  • Initiatives: Crowd-source ideas for energy- and water-saving measures in a targeted manner from all employees. Organise them into cross-functional initiatives with clear savings targets for specific energy or water KPI's. Track not only the completion of these projects but also their effectiveness in meeting the savings targets.
  • Integrations & data consolidation: With Facterra, it is easy to connect to PLC's, MES or DCS systems at the plant-level as well as ERP systems at the enterprise level. We make it easy to consolidate sustainability data from acoss multiple factories. Chief Sustainability Officers creating ESG reports have more time to dedicate to social and governance-related activities.

Outcomes you achieve with Facterra Digital Sustainability

  • Reduce your carbon footprint: For consumer-focused companies, going net-zero is no longer optional. Successful companies everywhere adopt and execute on their UNSDG goals. Monitor the environmental impact of your activity and take targeted measures to reduce it. Easily consolidate the results from across multiple lines and factories for reporting purposes.
  • Achieve cost savings: Going green can also deliver savings. Energy prices have risen dramatically in 2021 and continue to do so in the new year. Our solution combines maintenance and energy management is not only a cost effective solution but enables our customers to execute energy efficiency actions rapidly and effectively to cut their electricity and gas bills. What can a 10-20% saving do for your bottomline?
  • Give your teams a sense of achievement: Climate action always attracts passionate people. With regular notifications that connect reduction in meter readings to the actions of your employees, Facterra helps you engage your best employees and give them something they can be proud of.

How it helps?

Manage maintenance

Manage preventive maintenance from any device

Report tasks

Technicians and production managers can easily report tasks that need to be addressed through work requests directly from the landing page

Manage tasks easily

Checkboxes make signalling and listing tasks much easier

Save time

Saving time thanks to a tool that makes collaboration between teams much more fluid thanks to the Kanban listing all the maintenance activities of the company.

Manage activities

Easy scheduling and closing of maintenance activities

Analyze performance

Easy analysis of the status evolution and performance of each equipment thanks to equipment analytics

Impact you get using Facterra


Higher asset availability

Improvement in maintenance performance (MTTR & MTBF)



Higher energy efficiency

20% reduction in electricity consumption in standby mode


Leaner parts inventory

Improvement in spare parts inventory stock turn


Time saved on audits

Simplified compliance with an easily searchable, digital audit trail.

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