Connected machines with IOT

Facterra - Connecting Production to Management with efficiency and competence 

Our software delivers an efficient, sustainable solution to consolidate your data and to interpret them digitally and expertly. We can help you to connect your plan, collect and pool the data of the machines in your plant and to decipher them comprehensibly. This way, the best availability and most optimal maintenance of your machines can be assured. Our experts guarantee with Facterra a step towards digitalization that is worth it.


Digitalization that cuts cost and delivers results. 

By connecting your machines with IoT, you can prolong the life of your machines and increase the profit in your production.

Our analysis of the data within your network give you a visual overview of the condition of your plant, without room for misinterpretation or unplanned outages.

The machines within your company or plant deliver a whole string of data, whether it is about electricity usage or readings. All of this data from the sensors and readers of your equipment serve their maintenance. But rarely are these numbers presented in a compact and understandable way. Connecting everything to our software through IOT, your data can be compiled and analysed and interpreted by our experts.

You can find all the information in one single location and no longer have to resort to using several different programs. The digital data transfer saves you time and effort, the network of your machines is in the most competent hands, and you can achieve the best possible results.

Connected machines - via meters, sensors and readers

Receive - analyse - interpret machine data 

Reporting in adjustable charts 

All machinery needs to be kept in good condition to deliver optimal performance. The maintenance of old and the potential purchase of new machines is a big financial undertaking that usually tends to want to be avoided. The monitoring of the machine’s condition through our software simplifies the maintenance to avoid unplanned downtime and reduce loss of profit.

The data delivered by your machines to our experts can then be displayed in dashboards and statistics to alert you to any potential problems in time. You can see all necessary information in one place and will receive a notification if one of the values changes and maintenance might need to be scheduled. We guarantee a greater performance, a comprehensive breakdown of your data and a more efficient maintenance schedule for your plant - completely digital. 

Controls and monitors the state of your machines

Display of the conditions in dashboard, reports and statistics 

Less unplanned outages, higher ROI, more efficient maintenance and repair, traceability in case of audits 

Protecting the environments becoming more and more of a priority, both for private individuals and for companies. Creating sustainability and using energy most efficiently can seem like an overwhelming task at first glance. Electricity, gas and water consumption are necessary evils, but here, too, we can help you optimize your usage. The interpretation of your data informs our experts, and with that you, where the most energy is being used and where energy can be conserved.

Is it possible to save water for cleaning work with certain machines, can another be turned off outside of production hours? This knowledge can help you make your productions more cost-effective and optimize your energy use.

Easy determination of where the most energy is being used

Where can energy be conserved or used more efficiently

Cost benefit through domino effect

A tailored system that enables initiatives to be adjusted to your ecological needs and ambitions 

... all that and more

Maintenance is what keeps the heart of your plant beating. Keeping your machines in good shape is necessary to keep everything running properly.

Facterra is a tool that fulfills the need for planning and monitoring of  all maintenance.

All information related to the topic of maintenance can of course be found in the corresponding sector.

There you can find a list of work requests and scheduled work tasks as well as the maintenance schedule.

Naturally, you can also save documents like manuals.

These Plans act as a template for maintenance as, that you can apply to equipment or equipment collections in a personalized schedule. Create your own schedule and apply repetition rules.

The upkeep is the core element of our Asset Performance Management Tool. That is why we offer a 4 column Dashboard to give you a detailed overview of all scheduled, running or completed maintenance work.

The dashboard is sorted by work requests, scheduled work, overdue work and completed work and gives you the ability to plan your daily activities with a few clicks and the drag and drop function, without getting lost in a myriad of register cards or tabs.

To make the organization easier on you, you can sort your machines into different categories and areas.

These areas include the physical dimension. This means, for example, that you can sort equipment that is in the same warehouse into one category. Equipment can only be found in one area.

Also, an important part of the tool is the possibility to analyse the performance of your machines.

For example, if you attach spare parts with a work task, you will receive notifications for each individual part. A completely adjustable dashboard will be made available to you in which you can specify, which critical performance data you want to analyse. Another feature that is dedicated to the analysis of the general performance of the plant can keep the user up to date at all times.