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maintenance software overview

Facterra is an asset performance management software that enables you to bring your machines to life! It has been specially designed to give you a holistic view of your plant’s activities and to facilitate the daily actions of your employees. A proven time saver for a more efficient monitoring of activities. With the ability to exchange and receive information such as documentation or spare parts lists directly from your suppliers, this is THE software that will help you optimize your plant.


Maintenance at the
heart of your activities

Maintenance is at the heart of a plant’s life. Good maintenance of equipment is essential to its proper functioning.

Facterra is a designer tool to meet the need for planning and monitoring of these maintenance activities.

Maintenance is at the heart of our asset performance management tool. Keeping this in mind, Facterra offers a 4-column dashboard allowing you to have an overview of all upcoming, ongoing and completed maintenance activities at a glance.

Organized into work requests, work orders, overdue work orders and completed work orders, the dashboard allows you to plan your daily activities in a few clicks and drag and drop without getting lost in a multitude of tabs.

All information related to maintenance can of course be found in the dedicated section.
You will find the list of work requests and work orders, but also the maintenance plans.

These plans are a template of maintenance activities that you can apply to equipment or collections of equipment according to a recurrence that you define. Come and create your own maintenance plans and apply your own recurrence rules!

Optimize your time and maximize your performance! When you create a work order, you have the possibility to add and link various elements such as documents and photos or spare parts. These elements are directly taken into account in all the sections concerned and save you unnecessary trips between the different parts of the tool.

For example, when you link spare parts to a work order, you will be asked to indicate the exact quantity used when you complete it. This way, the inventory will be automatically updated.

A vision centered around your equipment

The Equipment section is designed to allow you to centrally manage all your equipment from a single list.

Here you will find a list of all your equipment and can see the maintenance activities assigned to them as well as analyze their performance and find related documentation.

To facilitate your organization it is possible to group equipment into different areas and collections.

The area includes a physical dimension. For example, you can group equipment stored in the same hall into the same area. A piece of equipment can only be located in one area.

On the other hand, a collection is a grouping of equipment according to a user-defined factor. You can therefore group equipment according to the spare parts used. The same equipment can therefore be found in several collections at the same time.

Your equipment is certainly equipped with meters. These can be recorded directly on the equipment and updated directly from the page or when closing the work orders.

You can also set up an alert system linked to the counters that will allow you to plan maintenance actions as soon as the alerts are triggered.

At Facterra we find sharing information particularly important to make your job easier. Save time with information directly from your suppliers. On the equipment page you can request and have direct access to shared documentation, as well as lists of recommended spare parts for your equipment.



An important part of the tool is also the ability to analyze the performance of your equipment.

For example, when you link spare parts to a work You also receive alerts for each entity, a fully customizable dashboard is provided in which you can choose exactly the Key Performance Indexes you want to analyze. A section dedicated to the analysis of the general performance of the plant is also available.