Asset management software for the future-ready enterprise


Facterra streamlines operational performance metrics and integrates them with performance improvement scheduling across productivity, asset management, energy management, quality, and health and safety departments. Offering a clutter-free user experience, Facterra provides valuable, context-driven insights while reducing manual data entry, enhancing satisfaction for both personnel and managers.


Transform data from the
shop floor into insights for
the top floor

Facterra assists teams in implementing condition-based and reliability-centered maintenance (RCM) practices

By leveraging IIoT and FMECA, industrial sites optimize maintenance frequency for maximum uptime. Facterra’s built-in analytics capabilities empower customers to make data-driven decisions that effectively minimize downtime, optimize resource consumption, and reduce maintenance and utility costs.

We promise

Positive ROI in under 12 months


Higher asset availability

Improvement in maintenance performance (MTTR & MTBF)


Higher energy efficiency

20% reduction in electricity consumption in standby mode


Leaner parts inventory

Improvement in spare parts inventory stock turn


Time saved on audits

Simplified compliance with an easily searchable, digital audit trail.


The cockpit for
your digital factory.

Everything that you need to enjoy higher OEE and sustainability in your operations. Nothing more, nothing less.

Asset Register

Organize your shopfloor with greater flexibility – track every equipment, component and spare part.

QR codes

Access safety checklists, machine history, documents & parts lists info on tablets & smartphones and save time.

Connected machines

Connect critical assets for real-time condition monitoring. Deploy digital power meters to identify and eliminate wasteful energy consumption.

Digital Op-Ex

Out of the box analytics capabilities to automate performance report generation and to follow-up on action plans

Kanban for scheduling

Tracking maintenance requests and scheduling work orders made easy with our drag & drop interface.

Shared inventories

Want to never suffer from stock outs and keep costs low? Simple, share spare parts with other plants.

Operator checklists

Improve operator training and reduce scrap by offering up-to-date operator manuals and rich-media training material.

Machine documents

Store all documents associated with your equipment – service history, training manuals, drawings and more.

Why companies choose Facterra

Facterra empowers companies to achieve more with less. From basic maintenance management in dairy plants to roll shop management in steel mills, and from spare parts inventory optimization to predictive maintenance and resource efficiency, our customers save millions by choosing Facterra as their go-to EAM solution.