Maintenance Management

Increase asset
performance and
reduce maintenance costs

Asset management

Extend asset life
& reduce downtimes

Better monitoring of the evolution of the machine's status, which allows better programming of maintenance activities. In addition, you have the possibility of planning recurring activities thanks to maintenance plans, or of setting up predictive maintenance which will enable interventions to be scheduled according to defined criteria and triggered by the alerts set up.

In addition, you can collect information about the performance of your assets through the tool's various analysis tools, allowing you to draw up a detailed report on the performance of your assets and their areas for improvement.

Features used :

  • Overview of the status of the asset in each section where it is concerned (Kanban, equipment page, Work Order …).
  • Implementation of maintenance plans with customised repetition.
  • Implementation of an alert system with the possibility to link Work Orders/Work Requests.
  • Analytics tool.

Proactively monitor
equipment condition

Monitoring the state of equipment and assets involves a wide range of events, including damage caused by extremes in temperature. In fact, many firms require this information as part of their auditing processes.

Perhaps you're looking for early warning signs of failure, and you've noticed that a particular equipment is taking longer to accomplish a task. If you have asset tracking software, you may check its speed by documenting the exact length of time it is used over a given period of time.

To put it another way, you'd be able to continuously monitor equipment usage, allowing you to make repairs — or even replacements – before they're needed.

Significantly improve
Work-In-Progress tracking

We get calls and emails all the time from people who just want to know where components are in massive, multi-stage manufacturing plants.

At Facterra we take it to heart that every piece of information can be found in no time and in the most intuitive way.
We are not just any asset management tool and want to provide the best possible working experience for our users.

Features used :

  • Intuitive design.
  • Easy filtering in every section, including favorite searches.

Easy maintenance
scheduling & planning

Planning maintenance activities has never been easier. The Kanban allows you to get an overview of all the activities going on in your plant. Its view can be adapted to each user thanks to an impressive panel of filters, which optimizes the planning of activities.

Our software also allows you to link documents or photos when creating work requests, saving you precious time in explanations.

Features used :

  • An holistic view of all maintenance activities with wide filter range in the Kanban section.
  • Possibility to link documentation to maintenance activities and equipment.

Staying compliant

Several maintenance regulations can punctuate your activities, including the maintenance of your assets. Our software allows you to set up maintenance plans that you can schedule as you see fit, according to your specific compliance needs.

By working with suppliers using our Seva solution, you also have the possibility to receive shared maintenance plans and alerts, which will allow you to better follow the recommendations

Finally, you can also work with a prioritization system by defining yourself which interventions have priority or may hinder the completion of another maintenance activity.

Of course, you also have the possibility to export the tracking of your activities to prove your compliance during audits.

Features used :

  • Create and apply maintenance plans.
  • Shared maintenance plans and alerts.
  • Prioritization of maintenance activities.
  • Export activity tracking.

Preventive maintenance

maintenance management

  • A dashboard that facilitates daily activities and planning.
  • Save time in organization.
  • Technicians and production managers can easily create work requests that will later be scheduled in work orders with an easy drag and drop function.
  • Get a quick and complete overview of all the activities in the plant : overdue and completed.
  • Analytics section to draw the conclusions needed and prevent failures.

Team work with
your equipment suppliers

  • Get information like alerts, maintenance plans and asset documentation that will help you maintain your equipment and get the better use of it.
  • Gain time: Paperless process, easy support from supplier.
  • Compliance check: just follow the shared instructions.

Quick and easy
identification of
critical assets

  • Equipment analytics.
  • General analytics.
  • Identify bad actors, and decide on time how to improve them.
  • Avoid unnecessary maintenance activities thanks to equipment statuses analysis.

Stock optimization &
inventory management

  • Set desired minimum and maximum stock levels.
  • Automatically update stocks after purchasing.
  • Track parts consumption during the maintenance activities through parts linking in the work orders and automatically stock update.
  • Get notified when a part you would like to use is under-stocked. Stocks are automatically updated after purchasing through our e-commerce system.

Improve maintenance
team management

Each intervention can be assigned to a specific user or department. All you have to do is select the desired person(s) during creation.

Again, this saves a lot of time, as the people concerned can then directly sort the kanban or lists by department or user and get a personalized overview of the tasks to be carried out.

In addition, you can also find the statistics of the different departments thanks to our analysis tools which allow you to optimize the distribution of tasks.

Features used :

  • Assign activities to department or users.
  • Maintenance performance analysis tool.

How it helps?

Manage maintenance

Manage preventive maintenance from any device

Report tasks

Technicians and production managers can easily report tasks that need to be addressed through work requests directly from the landing page

Manage tasks easily

Checkboxes make signalling and listing tasks much easier

Save time

Saving time thanks to a tool that makes collaboration between teams much more fluid thanks to the Kanban listing all the maintenance activities of the company.

Manage activities

Easy scheduling and closing of maintenance activities

Analyze performance

Easy analysis of the status evolution and performance of each equipment thanks to equipment analytics

Impact you get using Facterra


Higher asset availability

Improvement in maintenance performance (MTTR & MTBF)



Higher energy efficiency

20% reduction in electricity consumption in standby mode


Leaner parts inventory

Improvement in spare parts inventory stock turn


Time saved on audits

Simplified compliance with an easily searchable, digital audit trail.

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