Digital Factory

Enchance total plant
productivity with sasdasdas
IoT condition
monitoring & mobility

Transform data from the shop floor into insights for top floor

Implement data-driven asset performance management

  • Real-time condition monitoring: Connect machines and monitor their health in real-time with our powerful dashboarding capabilities. Easily set thresholds and get notified via SMS, email or in-app when anomalies are detected.
  • Predictive maintenance: Analyse historical metering and sensor data to develop and deploy advanced predictive algorithms to get to the next level of performance management for critical assets.
  • Single source of truth: All critical asset operations data as well as KPI's can be hosted on MachIQ and secure access given to a wide range of users. Authorize protected access to suppliers, service providers, maintenance technicians as well as customers when the need arises.

Digitalise safety & regulatory compliance

  • Digital operations: Digitalise ongoing training of operators with rich media. Deploy digital standard operating procedure (SOP) checklists to ensure that the latest versions are always available for workers.
  • Regulatory compliance: With our integrated asset historian, demonstrate compliance to safety and hygiene regulations with a fully searchable audit trail. Achieve a "paper-less" plant.
  • Digital shift logs: Engage frontline workers with relevant and highly targeted announcements with our built-in communication capability. Deploy new safety and hygiene procedures or announce your employee of the month and ensure that all users are notified in minutes.

Best in class cloud capabilities

  • Reliable & secure: MachIQ Software's Cloud solution icomes with security built into its architecture and our core processes. We guarantee high-speed, accurate data storage and complete data availability at all times.
  • Integrations: MachIQ Software Cloud solutions are open to integrate with a wide range of IT, MES & SCADA systems. We make it easy for you to have a single system of your choice from where you can monitor your asset and operational processes.
  • Future-proof and scalable: From small businesses who only need one simple dashboard now or know they'll want to upgrade to more complex technology in the near future to massive multinational corporations that require immediate data insights from several devices. A platform that is ready to use right away, with all of the capabilities needed to scale up for a bright future with MachIQ Sotware.

How APM helps?

Manage maintenance

Manage preventive maintenance from any device thanks to APM cMMS

Report tasks

Technicians and production managers can easily report tasks that need to be addressed through work requests directly from the landing page

Manage tasks easily

Checkboxes make signalling and listing tasks much easier

Save time

Saving time thanks to a tool that makes collaboration between teams much more fluid thanks to the Kanban listing all the maintenance activities of the company.

Manage activities

Easy scheduling and closing of maintenance activities

Analyse performance

Easy analysis of the status evolution and performance of each equipment thanks to equipment analytics

Impact you get using MachIQ APM


Higher asset availability

Improvement in maintenance performance (MTTR & MTBF)


Efficient MRO purchasing

Lower spare parts order process costs (up to €30 per purchase order)


Leaner parts inventory

Improvement in maintenance performance (MTTR & MTBF)


Time saved on audits

Simplified compliance with an easily searchable, digital audit trail.

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