How do we help companies in the machinery industry

As a new generation of professionals enters the workforce, customer expectations are changing fast when it comes to after-sales services. Industry 4.0 is a vast topic. Machinery taking practical steps to build and deliver digital services face the challenge of the shortage of digital skills. Whether it is to build digital services internally or by customising off the shelf products, companies undertake the risk of long time to market, heavy budget costs and the risk of potential lack of interest from their customers if they are not first in the market.

Asset and facilities play an important role in achieving stringent quality standards to comply with.

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Product advantages

Here are some advantages that Facterra customers enjoy over their peers:

  • Fast time to market: Deploy in a matter of weeks and months not in years
  • Low upfront costs with an annual subscription model
  • Custom-made for the machinery & industrial services sector. Lower time and budgets for product customization
  • Fully integrated suite for after-sales services: A single source of truth for customer service information
  • An engaged customer success manager and top notch customer support

Product capabilities

In order to meet the needs of the industry, Facterra develops specific solutions offering the following capabilities

  • eCommerce
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Asset management
  • Performance analytics

Popular use cases

The capacities described allow us to respond to the following use cases:

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