March 16, 2022

Facterra Release Note for March 2022

With this release, we throw the spotlight on the different features of our Facterra software that are especially useful for energy management and how they can be relevant to customers who want to improve their energy efficiency and usage. 

  • Data collection: Facterra consolidates data from machines that are already connected, including from meters and sensors. These could be from machine PLC’s, from SCADA systems, or dedicated sensors that stream data via IoT gateways. The key benefit is the consolidation of all of these different data on one single system.
  • Pattern recognition:  Overlaying consumption data with process data as well as performance metrics enables users of Facterra to recognize consumption patterns from different areas and production lines to identify opportunities for energy efficient practices.
  • Intelligent monitoring: We offer Facterra users powerful capabilities to set thresholds for energy consumption, and trigger alerts as soon as machines exceed these limits. All deviations are tracked and documented for future reference and to make the transition to a more energy efficient production easier and faster.
  • Efficiency initiatives: Facterra also allows our customers to set up and track performance improvement initiatives, including for energy efficiency and sustainability. Any measure to create a more energy efficient environment can be documented within the software and its effectiveness can be displayed in the dashboards.

Facterra develops and offers software to support industrial maintenance and spare part management between OEMs and manufacturers. Our solutions concentrate on the support of industrial maintenance through IoT, condition monitoring and inventory management or through a short and direct E-Commerce channel with OEMs. They have enabled us to develop a renowned expertise in a variety of sectors like the food production industry, machine manufacturing, steel and aluminium industry or production. With a customer portfolio that stretches across Europe, North America and Asia, we are capable to adjust to your needs and requests and offer you flexible and innovative solutions. More information can be found on and do not miss out on our latest news on LinkedIn


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